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    Career & Work Stress

    As we enter adulthood more and more of our time is spent in the places we work. Unfortunately, our time in these workspaces can be filled with systematic issues, conflicts with co-workers or superiors, and feelings of isolation that result in dissatisfaction and burnout. Together we can explore these significant sources of stress and identify solutions that promote fulfillment.

    Crisis & Suicidality

    Sometimes the difficulties we face in our daily lives can feel like too much. In these moments we may be overwhelmed, wish for an escape, or feel numb. Know that you are not alone and that I can help you hold this burden. With compassion and honesty I can help you process, strive, and heal.

    Executive Functioning

    Whether you are struggling with motivation, organization, planning, or self-regulation, I am here to help. By identifying your areas of strength and growing edges I can assist you in integrating tailored strategies so you can meet your goals and pursue the things that really matter to you.

    Identity Development

    During various times in our lives, we all experience a need or desire to examine who we are and the formation of our identifies. Together I will support you in navigating the cultural and sociopolitical context of your identity and honoring your truth whether a source of fulfillment or marginalization.

    Life Transitions

    Adjusting to the changes in our lives can be difficult. Through creating space to explore these shifts, I will support you in fostering self-compassion, identifying your next steps, and navigating ways to alleviate stress associated with the unknown.

    Parent Coaching

    All parents experience times in which they are unsure. Whether you are having difficulty establishing a routine, managing tantrums, disciplining problematic behaviors, or in having a united parenting approach with your partner, I will assist you in developing a consistent parenting approach that aligns with your unique family values.

    Relationship Issues

    The connections we form and the nature of these relationships can have a great impact on us. While secure and supportive relationships can enrich our lives sometimes, we connect to others in unhealthy ways. Through open communication and self-exploration I can help you identify the foundations of relationships that will elevate your ability to break maladaptive relational patterns and pursue positive connections.

    Stress & Trauma

    Each of us has a unique journey in this world, and for some of us that includes experiences of trauma. Whether we think of them as big or small they can have a profound impact on our lives and sense of self. With thoughtful exploration I can support you in gaining insight into the ways these experiences affect you today and aid you in fostering self-care.